About Us

After realizing that football is the one thing we love probably more almost as much as each other, and that it comprises about 67.5% of our conversations (the remaining 33.5% being split between what we're having for dinner, what we're cooking for Gameday, dogs, and whose turn it is to clean the bathroom), we decided that there was really nothing left to do but start a blog about it. We feel that we're unique in the field of sports blogging in that we offer a male and female perspective on what what was once considered a male-dominated sport but is rapidly growing in female following. Thus, on a long car ride in September 2011, Two Point Conversion was born.

We'd just like to lay it on the line with a disclaimer and a mission statement. First, the disclaimer: We have our teams and our players, and we follow them rabidly. (Who they are will most likely become evident very soon). However, we're also huge fans of football, generally. Thus, we know we can write this blog with a fair eye geared toward journalistic integrity. If we claim anything about any player or team, especially our rivals, you can bet that there's solid research and fact backing it up. (Except if it's about Eli.) (That was a joke.) 

The mission statement: We're just keeping it real, and using this blog as a creative outlet to gather all our thoughts, hopes and dreams, and sometimes pinings about the NFL. We'd love to create a space for other fans to engage in debate and welcome all opinions, especially those different from our own, but at the end of the day, this is our creative space. So let's play nice!

Team Stats:

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Lucas (posts in black):

Position: Quarterback (Head Writer / Head Researcher / Fantasy Expert)

Likes:  Singing, Golfing, the fact that his girlfriend is into football and video games

Dislikes: The fact that his girlfriend sometimes beats him at said video games, NFL Lockouts, Studying for the MCAT

Michelle (posts in green):

Position:  Offensive Tackle (Web Design / Head Editor / Aaron Rodgers Expert)

Likes: Cooking food for huge groups of people on Gameday, beating her boyfriend at video games, Tim Riggins

Dislikes: Indian food, NFL Lockouts, the lack of seasons in Southern California